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  • Christmas Express

    For $25, you can provide an entire Christmas to a child that has been rescued from Sex Trafficking in Guatemala.

  • Beautifully Broken

    For just $30, help a rescued girl from sex trafficking discover God’s for her this Valentine’s Day at Beautifully Broken events in Thailand and Guatemala!

I am a survivor and I am so much more. – Amanda

Meeting new people is hard, and I am by nature an introvert who generally prefers keeping to herself. A large reason for this is because when you meet someone for the first time or the first few times there is of course the general hello’s and introductions but then “it” always comes and when it does I can feel the knot in my stomach growing tighter. The questions like “Tell me about yourself.” or the even more dreaded one “Where are you from”
You’d think that these questions are harmless and just a way for two people to get to know each other and for the most part you are right, but when you are a survivor of trafficking or some sort of exploitation those questions become a lot more weighted. There are no simple answers to anything. For me it’s like a balancing act, how much to share without sharing …

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