Restoring of Identity. Renewal of Intimacy. Reclaiming of Inheritance.


To bring awareness to the issue of sexual exploitation and violence and to see survivors rescued, restored and transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit.


We seek to prevent, educate, restore and transform those at risk or affected by sexual violence or exploitation through holistic care, programs, events and ultimately the restoration of Jesus Christ.



Educate, expose, restore and transform. We strive to achieve holistic restoration of young women who are survivors of sexual exploitation or violence and bring awareness and prevention to those who are at high risk for such trauma. 


Beautifully Broken takes place all over the world and is designed to help women who have been rescued from sexual violence discover God's love for her. Young ladies learn that god can take what seems broken and make it beautiful, just like stained glass.


A gift of $30 will send one young lady through this life changing event that we pray will forever impact her destiny.
In 2015, 100 participants attended Beautifully Broken in Guatemala, Bulgaria, Romania and Thailand.

An extravagant Christmas to a child that's been Rescued


Each girl and their child writes a Christmas list and are instructed that they can ask for any three items that they want. It is always very humbling to see that the girls asks for very simple presents. Some included pajamas, tennis shoes, formula for their children, cookies, jewelry and one of our favorite's a Christmas Tree.



Christmas Express is a day that we can make Jesus real to these young ladies, we show them the selfless love of Jesus by going above and beyond because that is what Jesus did for us when He came to the world. Not only do the girls get their presents wrapped with their name on it they also have an entire day of games, dinner, music, dancing, and even Santa!
The cost per child to participate in Christmas Express is $100.

Physical education. life skills. crafts. healthy living. bible study

Provides a strengths based holistic approach to restoration and transformation, allowing for opportunities of spiritual awareness & growth through the discovery of identity through discipleship and mentorship.


Guatemala & USA


Total People Served in 2016
All the activities because they help me to keep going in God’s ways and to make good decisions for my daughter, for me and the ones around me.

— Participant

Conferences started to Spread and God Continues to Open Doors


We had the honor and privilege of holding them in the countries of Bulgaria, Chile, Ecuador, England, Guatemala, Romania, USA and Uruguay.



Along with the conferences come the message of freedom and liberty for the captives of human slavery through The Zion Project. Awareness, education and hope is provided to these women in an effort to fight this social injustice.

You can join us in being a part of this global awakening by partnering with us through the Zion Project or sponsoring a Women of Fire team without the financial ability to go to the countries that are contacting us to hold a WOF Conference.

We are women on a vision. We are women with a mission. We are women who said yes. Say yes with us today and take in sowing into what God's calling us for the daughters of God!

The only way to get her is together.


A Christian coalition of community members, churches and nonprofit organizations that stand united together in faith to hear the voice of God to change the world.